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I’m still reading “The Ragamuffin Gospel” by Brennan Manning, and this is another expert of the book I thought I should share:

Imagine that Jesus is calling you today. He extends a second invitation – to accept His Father’s love. and maybe you answer, “Oh, I know that. It’s old hat. I’ve come to this book seeking an insight in a fit of fervor. I’m wide open. I’ll listen to anything you have to say, so go ahead, dazzle me. Lay a new work on me. I know the old one.”
And God answers, “Thats what you don’t know. You don’t know how much I love you. The moment you think you understand is the moment you do not understand. I am God, not man. You tell others about Me – that I am a loving God. Your words are glib. My words are written in the blood of My only Son. The next time you preach about My love with such obnoxious familiarity, I may come and blow you whole prayer meeting apart. When you come to Me with studied professionalism, I will expose you as a rank amateur. When you try to convince others that you understand what you are talking about, I will tell you to shut up and fall flat on your face. You claim you know I love you.
Did you know that every time you tell Me you love Me, I say thank you?
When your son comes to you asking, “Do you like Susan more ’cause she skates better and she’s a girl?” are you grieved and saddened over your child’s lack of trust? Do you know that you do the same thing to Me?
Do you claim to know what we shared when Jesus withdrew to a deserted place or spend the night on a hillside alone with Me? Do you know where the inspiration to wash the feet of the Twelve came? Do you understand that, motivated by love alone, your God became your slave in the Upper Room?
Were you grieved by the divine command to Abraham that he slay his only begotten Isaac on Mount Moriah? Were you relieved when the angel intervened, Abraham’s hand was stayed, and the sacrifice was not carried out? Have you forgotten that on Good Friday no angel intervened? that sacrifice was carried out, and it was MY heart that was broken.
Are you aware that I had to raise Jesus from the dead on Easter morning because My love is everlasting? Are you serenely confident that I will raise you, too, My adopted child?”

That’s a pretty humbling quote, and I believe God says many of those things to me, on a fairly consistent basis. Just like in the closing chapters of Job, God needed to remind Job that he was merely man, and the GOD was GOD. That we “know” even less than we think we know. And that our human words continue to confine the Glory, the Majesty, and Awesomeness of God, and by describing God with our mortal words we make Him smaller and smaller and smaller.

Isn’t that interesting that our words confine our God to human understanding? Is that why showing His love is taught and treasured in His word?

Thoughts? Disagreements?



so it has been almost three full months from my last post, which is a new record for any of you playing the at home edition of “how long until his next post?!” Sorry guys, I am pushing myself to become a more dedicated writer. I have never really been into reading blogs, so i think subconsciously I think “why would people want to read THIS one?” I know that is not the truth and I know the blog is a great way for a lot of you to find out what is going on down here with me, and as well as getting updates on the kiddos.

Today’s post will be a bit different from the others, and I hope that in my new “love” of blogging (I will try to convince myself that I love doing this!!) that I will be able to post scripture, devotions, and quotes I am studying, heard, or have read that are making a difference in my life.

I am currently reading a handful of books, but currently the book I am “feeling” is the Ragamuffin Gospel by Brennan Manning (if you haven’t read it, it’s nearly a MUST read. I have read Brennan  Manning in the past and didn’t fall in love with it, but this book is a different story!!)

Read this few sentences and chew on them for  awhile!! (ps anything you see in parentheses are my thoughts)

“In Christ Jesus freedom from fear empowers us to let go of the desire to appear good, so that we can move freely in the mystery of who we really are. Preoccupation with projecting the “nice guy” image, impressing newcomers with our experience, and relying heavily on the regard of others leads to self-consciousness, sticky pedestal behavior, and unfreedom in the iron grip of human respect (whoa!). Unconsciously, we may clothe the Pharisee’s prayer in the publican’s formula. For most of us it takes a long time for the Spirit of freedom to cleanse us of the subtle urges to be admired for our studied goodness. It requires a strong sense of our redeemed selves to pas up the opportunity to appear graceful and good to other persons. ‘But who can escape watching oneself do good in a world in which even the churches that worship Jesus have mastered the techniques of embarrassing people (in which we mask with “convictions of the spirit”) into charitable giving? How can free giving, blind as Justice balancing the scales, survive the pastor’s printed list of donors, the intricacies of charities for tax purposes, booster ads, and testimonial tickets wheedled out of us with the sly pressures of shame and guilt? Our fundraising mechanisms are build on an appraisal of our motives that is as clear and uncluttered as that of Jesus; they are engineered to our hearts like bionic devices and they reveal a mixed rather than a totally crass picture of our impulses for giving…Living by graces inspires a growing consciousness that I am what I am in the sight of Jesus and nothing more. It is His approval that counts. making our home in Jesus, as He makes His in us, leads us to creative listening: Has it crossed your mind that I am proud you accepted the gift of faith I offered you? Proud that you freely chose Me, after I had chosen you, as your friend and Lord? Proud that, with all your warts and wrinkles, you haven’t given up? Proud that you believe in Me enough to try again and again? Are you aware how I appreciate you for wanting Me? I want you to know how grateful I am when you pause to smile and comfort a child who has lost her way. I am grateful for the hours you devote to learning more about Me; for the word of encouragement you passed on to your burnt-out pastor; for your visit to the shut-in; for your tears for the retarded. What you did to them, you did to Me (Matthew 25). Alas, I am sad when you do not believe that I have totally forgiven you or you feel uncomfortable approaching Me…Prayer is another area that many struggle with because they aren’t aware that in the freedom of the Spirit there are individual believers. The cardinal rule in prayers remains the dictum of Don Chapman: “Pray as you can; don’t pray as you can’t.”

Ok that was a lot to type out, but it really spoke to me this morning. Reading, hearing, understanding, and knowing that we are free from sin (Gal 5:1) has been a subject on many conversations recently between two very good friends. And I think that totally submission to Grace is difficult to so many of us. Grace isn’t a sinners characteristic, so that level of love is a real challenge, but it is FREEING!!

If you have some thoughts on the quotes or questions I’d love to hear from you! Thanks for reading! Stay tuned! Promise it won’t be three months til the next post!! 😉


John Wesley…Comfort

Big ol Block Party

**stick with me here, this is a long post, i just couldn’t stop writing, its not edited, its grammatically correct, it would fail as an essay, but i think the emotion in the rambling is more important than capitalization, run on sentences, etc.

This week has been pretty slow, we don’t have any vehicles that are drivable besides a 30 passenger bus and the Mack truck. neither are acceptable for running an errand to the hardware store or bank. Most of my work this week has been little “chores” Moving 5 gallon water buckets in to storage, finishing putting  a few beds together, changing out MORE doorhandles and sorting through keys (how is it we can have so many keys and NO ONE knows what the key belongs to…baffling…)

So I spent a lot of the morning finishing up some work around here, and then reading. I have found a lot of joy in reading this last few months, its been a nice way to calm down, reflect, and kind of give me something to ponder on throughout my day (that’s a whole other blog post, stay tuned for that one!)

This afternoon I went to the deck to read and hopefully to finish the latest chapter of “When Helping Hurts” (if you are thinking about Mission work long term or short term, or any kind of humanitarian aid, this is a MUST read!!!) as i came down from the deck i noticed a lot of the boys were out on the new soccer field trying to finish to spread the last two mounds of dirt that we recently had delivered. (the boys have been playing soccer on that field for the last few weeks with these two huge mounds of dirt in the corners, its the funniest thing they play soccer like they arent even there, corner kicks take place on the top of them, while countless kids build tunnels for the “cars” to drive through, or make dirt castles, or throw dirt “snow” balls at one another). On my way downstairs I found Volcy and he had this HUGE smile on his face! I asked him what was going on and he grabbed me and told me that there was going to be a big party this afternoon at Source de la Grace East (SDLGE, the orphan village closet to the Jumercourt Inn) Volcy told me we wer invitied Pastor Calix’s kids and Pastor Claude’s kids over for some music, dancing, hair braiding, jump roping, and most importantly our boys were going to play Calix’s boys in a soccer game! I was excited mainly because Volcy was excited and you could see the boys starting to get excited, and nervous (it was so humbling, and eye opening to me, to see this boys 13-16 years old getting excited to this soccer game, they were getting nervous for this BIG game, to me it just seemed like a silly scrimmage with the neighborhood boys, but to these guys it was like the State Championship or something, these were the same nerves and the same excitement I used to feel suiting up for a soccer game…that took me back for awhile, it was great to be in that place again, a place I have nearly forgotten as my soccer years have been over for about 6 years now)

SO i grabbed my video camera and decided I was going to take video so I could share with all my friends back home this party! I was pumped this was going to be awesome! As the game gets started Volcy runs up to me, and says, “Are you ready?!” I asked, “Yea! for the game?!” Volcy laughed and said, “Nope! you are going to be the referee!” He handed me two streamers all folded up like cards, one yellow and one red. he also handed me a whistle (God only knows were this thing had been!)

Now I’d played soccer nearly my enitre youth through most of High School, but I had never refereed,  BUT I had played soccer for all these years I can handle a neighborhood soccer game right?! WHOA WAS I OFF TRACK, all though these kids are playing in old hand me down uniforms, tube socks and crocs, this was the most important game they had played in! And it was vital I blow the whistle for EVERYTHING! Fouls, hand balls, penalty kicks, corner kicks, goal kicks, throw ins, you name it! if the play stopped i better be there with my whistle!

About twenty minutes into the first half, SDLGE gets a lucky goal, a slow rolling shot his a rock in the field and bounced right around the goalie….THE PLACE ERUPTED!!! PLAY STOPPED AND WE HAD A HUGGGGEEEEE PARTTTYYYYYY!!!! the kids had torn up pieces of paper as confetti, waiting, praying for a goal. …the ball went in…the kids came out!! Do you remember the PK shoot out in the USA vs China or maybe it was Japan, world cup final back around 2000? and the final penalty kicker for the US scored, ripped off her shirt, and all the girls dog piled on her, they just won the world cup?! that’s nearly what this was, and exactly what it reminded me of!

The second half of the game, Jacob (Calix’s oldest son) came to play, and single handedly destroyed SDLGE, it wasn’t a pretty sight..i think he scored like 6 goals or something. The boys were demoralized, humiliated, they had just lost everything…This story doesn’t get better, they didn’t come back and win in over time, nothing like that…the game ended, I blew the whistle, and the teams shook hands…SDLGE went and sat by themselves to discuss whose fault this was for the big loss…I went over to “listen” and try to figure out what they were saying…

To me, this was fun, this was silly, this was a blessing to be a part of…To these was SOOOO important..I can’t get over it, I can’t get over how much like me all these boys are! That might sound ignorant, or you might be saying “well they are kids just like you were” but don’t we put this kids on there own little platform sometimes, or pretend they live in a world that isn’t the same as ours? (maybe you don’t but I am definitely guilty)

These kids aren’t playing for a premier, nationally known, traveling soccer team, they aren’t playing for a high school of 2,000 students, so what do they care if they lose, what do they care its just a game right?

This experience made my ministry to this boys that much more real, and definitely strengthened my relationship with these guys. yea i now, i don’t speak fluent Creole, I don’t get to talk to them like I would like to, but that will come. I can still “coach”, i can still play soccer with these boys, I can still invest in their lives without verbal communication…

this is what I am most excited about…I love the American teams that come down, I love getting to be apart of their huge heart transformations week after week, and see all these mountains being moved, all these wounds being healed, and this walls and barricades we have built around our hearts begin to crumble as we get to experience the Love of Christ; as HE intended for us to! But I’m going to enjoy mentoring and being a big brother to the older boys here at SDGLE, I am so blessed to have these 1o or so young guys to spend time with, be with, and share life with.  And when I think to myself, how can i relate to these boys?! I have a great family! both my parents are still living! (or what might be worse) My parents didn’t abandon me, because I was a financial burden…these kids have seen so much more pain that I might ever experience, they have seen things I pray to God i will never have to see…BUT HERE IS THE KEY, THIS IS WHAT TO FOCUS ON, THIS IS WHAT IT IS ALL ABOUT!!! these boys, these kids, these orphans…ARE KIDS! they laugh at the same things I used to laugh at, they play just like i used to play, they love just like kids love, as if they don’t know any other way to show you  that you are important…

Heavenly Father,

In the midst of all the trouble in Haiti, the elections, the Cholera..Father help me to find peace in this love that you have poured out in front of me.  Help me to find comfort, joy, and strength in it. When I begin to label this kids as orphans or oppressed and abandoned, don’t let see that label, don’t let me believe these kids are any different than I was when I was there age. Help me to remember they want the exact same things I wanted. Remind me these kids are only looking for the…and LOVE.


I know, I know…

I know, I know…its been awhile since my last post…I’d like to think i have fairly good reason for it though lol obviously the power has been iffy (its Haiti, everything is iffy) and our internet provider Access Haiti “lost our contract” which was more than a little hassle to work through! never the less finally nearly a month later we are good to go tonight with power…AND internet!!

things in Haiti have been great recently! things at the Inn are coming along nicely, more rooms are opening up and we are ahead of schedule on more room development (thats a nice change of pace), our new generator is being installed and our water has been nearly consistent!!

I think I have mentioned this before in a blog, or at least I have said it out loud more than once, the things that i once considered important in life are beginning to lose a lot of “importance”…although this is very true and astonishing to me, what is even more remarkable are the things that more even more important to me…primarily family and friends…

In Haiti you learn very quickly, that you can indeed live without TV, radio, running water or electricity, things in the States that we don’t go a day or usually an hour without. All though they are extremely nice to have, its great to be without too, its freeing to not be in control…repeat that one more time, say it out loud…it is freeing to not be in control…although to not be in control is scary and definitely keeps you out of your comfort zone, it frees you up to pay attention to the truly incredible, irreplaceable constants God has placed in your life. I believe this are the things God intended for us to take joy in…things like relationships, family, nature, the laughter/singing/smiling of children (to American standards, these children have NO REASON be laughing/singing/ or smiling!)

I have no reason to why these things are so valuable, why week after week, American after American comes down to Haiti excited to “give to Haiti!!!” when in reality they leave the last night feeling that Haiti has given them so much out of nothing, they feel so poor stepping onto the plane Monday morning, when they felt so rich stepping off the plan 4 days before…

if you have answers for me, I’m willing to listen. If I am completely missing something here, please bring it to my attention. I truly feel that God has opened my eyes to this incredible treasure, I am so blessed to have been shown this treasure at the young age of 23, so I can know live the rest of my life seeking the important things, and pushing aside the things I once thought of as “everything”…

this is not where i had planned this post to go, and i am pretty sure i just went on a long rant haha hope you enjoyed, it’d be great to read all your comments! thanks for checking out the post

Love you guys,


Trip home and back

I am just getting back to the beautiful Haiti life!! (and actually being home for just a week, settled me back into my comfort zone, making Haiti a little difficult to get accustomed to again lol)

Last week I got to spend time in KC with friends and family! The Global Orphan project had “The Big Event” which was amazing! it was so good to see so many people from previous trips again!! not only that but because of the generous donors and people in attendance we got over 7,000 school uniforms donated so that those kids can now go to school! School is so important in Haiti, it really is a gateway to a better future and hope. not to mention getting educated, but the kids that go to school are provided one meal a day, which doesn’t sound like much, but when most Haitians only eat twice a day, this is a REALLY big deal! plus for all the students who aren’t orphaned or abandoned, this is a huge finical burden partially lifted on their families!!

School “starts” tomorrow down here. i just finished talking to the Pastor down here at Source de la Grace East, and he wasn’t sure if they would be ready and open the school tomorrow…not entirely sure how that works, considering its 8:00pm the night before, but then again…its HAITI…

I just got back inside from playing with the local pup, which i call Lucky and the kids call something like Blacky/Blucky/Blauky…haven’t exactly figured it out yet, but the dog is coming along way. We have been feeding him scraps from after our meals and that tends to keep him coming back, now that I have been showing him some love, and the kids are being nice to him he has become a regular 🙂 it really has been great for me to have the pup around, reminds me of home..

As i was petting the dog, a bunch of the kids came over to our parking lot and starting talking with me and petting the dog as well…boys will be boys…before you knew it, we had a 1 vs 15 wrestling, kicking, slapping match…I never thought I would be ok with puttin a whoppin on a bunch of 10-16 year olds, but that is exactly what they got! (mom im just kidding, i didn’t hurt anyone!)

Alan flew in yesterday and it has been good to spend time with him, he is always so encouraging and just a great guy to be around, i really appreciate his company. We went to church this morning at Pastor Claudes, which is right across the street/alley from us. Volcy’s choir was singing there today so Alan and i thought it would be great to see the kids sing and show our support, which it was! the kids sang beautifully! service…9:00am-1:00pm..I shouldn’t complain, that is an astonishing thing! These people know how to worship!…its just…when you are sitting at church and you don’t understand anything that is going on, you sometimes catch the creole word for Jesus, savior, and thank tend to day dream a lot, and time slows down…

We have a very busy week ahead of us! Living Water is bringing 9 down on Wednesday to install a water purification system for us, the village, and the community! Les Prouty is bringing a team of 10 down! and Marsha is bringing a team of 14 down! The Inn will be at capacity! (soon we will have more rooms available, but for the time being, ALL FILLED UP!)

Appreciate yall reading the post and commenting on it as well! hopefully i can get another post up here in the next day or so, i got some more stuff on my heart that i’d like to share, so stay tuned! haha

Love yall,


A Longgggg Drive

Currently, I am riding in the back of our bus heading to south to Lecayes, it is about a 4ish hour drive from PAP and we just got stuck in some pretty bad traffic because of a very severe wreck along the road.  I figured this would be a good time to try to catch all of you up on my life down here in beautiful Haiti!! (Hopefully the hotel I will stay at tonight will have internet and I will be able to post this !!)

This last week has been very eventful, with mornings starting at 5am and the night ending at 10 or 11 I get pretty good sleep but the days feel long! This week we haven’t had electricity….Well I take that back…we have electricity during the day, when the city decides to turn the power on, and then we have power at night…if the generator decides to turn on, without blowing the fuse…which we have been blowing fuses left and right, popping em like skittles ( Bad Boyz II reference).

Along with not having power, we found out that when we actually had power the water pump wasn’t working…so we also didn’t have water, a great time to learn how to take a good bucket shower! We hired a plumber to fix the problem with the well, and found out the pump didn’t work…well that sounds like an easy fix, to just buy a new one, until we learn the pump in 300 feet underground…and weighs over 100 pounds…it took four of us, twenty minutes to pull that pump out of the ground 6 inches at a time…talk about exhausting…the pump is connected to all this pvc piping that is running into the well and we are pulling this piping up with the pump…as the pvc comes out it starts to snap off  and splinter while its coming out….we now had a much bigger problem than we had to start with. After a few hours and phone calls we had the replacement parts and the new pump attached and back down into the well…great success (Boart quote)

The only down side to that was now as the generator is trying to run the pump and the Inn it is blowing fuses even faster, most the time we are only getting about 50% power which leaves half of the hotel powerless and only running the fans at a sloth like pace. Through all of this I have come to realize I would much rather have electricity than running water if I had a choice, bucket showers aren’t too bad, and electricity can keep the fans moving.

Last Thursday the next team got in, another GO Haiti Vision Trip. This trip was also staying at the Inn at Croix des Bouquets and I was pumped, this was my first trip that the trip leader was not on staff with GOP and might need a bit more help with logistics than the previous three! Although the week was challenging having more responsibility and also trying to keep up with caring for the Inn, fixing the water, and electricity, I enjoyed staying busy I felt important and like what I was doing really made a difference to the teams.

I was very impressed and excited with the team that came down, and how they hearts were moved. This was one of the youngest teams that has come down so far with a few high school students, and they did a fantastic job! A lot of employees from Cerner came down together and I think as a whole they really enjoyed their time as well


This post won’t be like the others…instead of a general over view of the past few days there is just one thing, one kid I want to write about, and ask for prayers for…

His name is Mackenzie…we found Mackenzie while visiting one of our orphanages that we got involved with we rolled into this small town we first saw Mackenzie..he was skinny, bowlegged, and had an arm in a sling..we saw him a good half mile away from where the bus finally stopped at the orphanage. as we finished unloading the bus Mackenzie limps his way up to us..he has followed the bus down to the orphanage…

We learned that both his parents had been killed in the earthquake..he dislocated his shoulder and messed up his knee pretty we kept talking to him we found he has been living on his own since the earthquake, has been eating scraps of food the community or local church would give him and has been completely alone..he is 13…

We truly felt like God put him in our path so that we could begin taking care of him so that is what we decided to do. we took him with us back to Source de la Grace East and began an evaluation with our pastor here.

The pastor gets a bit of different story than we originally got, but wasn’t too different, and  as Mackenzie is getting settled into the orphan village, he is really having a difficult time  with the kids, listening to the mommas and the Pastor, and is breaking their rules, mainly by going places he isn’t supposed to after being told not to…

at first this was a bit concerning because we obviously want to help Mackenzie and we began to wonder how safe all of the other kids are there if he is acting out, how will he be accepted into the village if he is acting out, and if he isn’t listening to us, what’s next? and what really are our options?

as we began to continue evaluating we tried to understand that for the last 9 months or so he has been all alone, on the street, with nothing,  his parents dead, he is injured, and is scared…not knowing where his next meal or anything will come from…

of course this guy is having a hard time fitting in!! of course he is having a hard time adapting to order and rules!! Mackenzie like ANY OTHER PERSON who has experienced all of that is going to need some trauma counseling, going to need sometime to readapt into a new society…

we took Mackenzie to mission of hope today, to get him evaluated medically and we have been referred to another hospital down the road that has a doctor who will do pediatric orthopedic consultations (if thats the correct lingo lol) we are hoping to get him there tomorrow to see if anything can be done for his shoulder or knee…

please keep Mackenzie, his mommas, the other kids, and us in your prayers..this is going to be a new and challenging time for all of us …

God is so good!


So once again it has been a few days since my last post, but things down here have been busy! (not to mention internet and electricity is off and on lol)

Another team came down on Thursday, and we have people from all over the US. We have a few churches down here from San Antonio as well as Louisiana, and then a few other people from Denver and San Francisco as well. The trip is going well, we are staying in Criox-des-Bouquets only a few miles outside of Port-au-Prince so our travel arrangements are terribly difficult to manage. For me, this trip has been great to be able to see a few other villages that GOP sponsors, I am getting to meet new kids and the new pastors that I will be working closely with in the following trips!

My Creole is getting better, nothing special, just salutations, asking someone’s name, introducing myself, asking how someone is doing, and the appropriate responses, I am also learning random words, different foods, transportation, animals, learning to count, oh how I miss the simplicity of preschool and kindergarten haha.

As my Creole gets better, my relationship with the Haitian staff at the Inn is improving as well, we have a great staff down here, who are all extremely willing to serve and it seems they are very grateful and appreciated I try speaking Creole with them! They are very willing to help me learn and they always want to teach me new words and phrases! I really enjoy that time I get to spend with them, because it is always filled with laughter and over the top emotions and actions, almost like a loud version of charades!

Although I have a lot to learn and am daily reminded how much of the culture I know nothing about, I know day by day I am becoming more “Haitian” between vocabulary, and just the different concepts or roles in the culture that I am becoming more familiar with. Things are just starting  to fit together, and my place is being defined.

Last night I got to spend some time with Adrien, he works for GOP and one of the first guys I got to know well. I really respect his love for the Lord and commitment to the call and ministry God has put on his heart! He left me with a question as our time together was winding down. He said, “in the Scripture we see everyones ministry, role, or mission, was never easy, it was always challenging and it was always something that the person never thought they would be able to do (and they wouldn’t of been able to do it without God on their side, and leading them), so what is your ministry down here? What is it that you are going to do that only because God is calling you to do, will you be able to?” That was a great question for me, although moving to Haiti and being submerged into a new culture is challenging, I am definitely not slumming it, I have a rough over my head, two meals a day, electricity, water, and wifi almost always. I am sleeping off the ground, I am able to be with Americans on a pretty regular basis, so what will my ministry be? Is it going to be one thing in particular? What can I do here so that I won’t become complacent or comfortable with this lifestyle?

I am excited to see what God has in store for me, although there will be rough times, times where I get worn out, frustrated, irritated, sick, etc. God is doing some incredible things in Haiti, with the lives of the Haitians, and especially the oppressed! I am so blessed to be apart of what God is doing down here, so blessed that even being as sinful, unrighteous, and prideful, I can be and am, God still has a great purpose for me, He has found a way for me to make a difference for His kingdom.

Lord, break my heart for what breaks yours, give me the courage and the strength, that only comes from YOU, to stand up for the oppressed. So I can show love, your love, to this kids and to the teams that come down here week after week, to serve you. Amen.


I could get used to this..

So my second trip, my first on staff with the GO project ended today…

Last night we spent the night at a resort called “kaliko” which is just outside of PAP. This is an extremely nice resort!! This is a very nice resort to American standards so, maybe you can imagine how nice it is for Haiti. We pulled in around 4pm or so, after our three and a half hour church service in Gonaives (I will NEVER complain about an hour long church service, in Johnson county, indoors, with air conditioning, ever again!!!) as we got there we got our room assignments and all headed back to the room to get changed and cleaned up a bit. Five of us decided we would go check out the beach (which was not terribly clean a few weeks ago) and actually got in the water and waded in the cool water for nearly 2 hours, we watched a storm roll towards the nearby island and enjoyed a cold “Presidente” as the current grew stronger and tossed us around the shore. A night that will not be soon forgotten, it was great to unwind and spend some time with the guys, as we joked around and remembered all we had been apart a few days prior.

We took the group to the airport today in the morning, of course they were all sad to go but are excited to get back to the US to see their families and sleep in their own beds! I will be praying for the team, like I will do with all the teams that come and go, because the trip back to the US can be difficult. The culture shock of living in Haiti for a few days, living in such poverty, and then getting thrown back into the US and such luxury and consumerism can be difficult to cope with.

I think the highlight of the five days I have been down here has been the time after we dropped off the team at the airport (not because they were gone!) but because I got to spend some great time with Josey Volcy and Bertran. They are both Haitians and employees with GOP. Volcy is the childrens minister to the country and Bertran is one of our two drivers. I will be spending a ton of time with these two guys in the future so it is a top priority to get to know these guys and start building relationships. So as we left the airport we spent a few hours at the car wash getting the bus cleaned from our trip. This took about 2 hours, believe or not Ripley. But as we waited I got to spend time not only with the two of them, but also with local Haitians, and although I didn’t speak the language I wasn’t stared at, I got to speak with a few of them with Volcy as my translator, and for a little bit I almost didn’t feel out of place. Afterwards on our way back to Croix des Bouquets we made a few stops and got a few bags of water, yes bags, and some corn ice cream….weird I know…and in Haiti you don’t have to get out of your car to get these great, weird, things but they come right up to your car, not in an annoying way. But just to be of service, better yet…you don’t even have to stop the car…just keep driving at about a pace the seller can keep up…coolest thing I’ve  seen!! As we drank our plastic bags of water and ate our ice cream, Bertran said to me, in the little English he knows, “you are a Haitian now, although you are not our color and learning are language, you eat and drink the same as we do.” Now, it was partially a joke, because my Creole is awful and I am very very white, but I think he meant it. And I took it to heart. I think these guys are realizing I am in for the long haul and want to be down here with them, next to them, making a difference in the lives of HUNDREDS perhaps thousands of Haiti’s orphaned and abandoned.

As I write this I got to spend some time watching the kids at Source De La Grace East. Its about 7pm and it is pitch black. The kids are singing songs, which have the word Creole word for Jesus in there a few times, so probably a pretty great song haha! But they are just being kids, that meant a lot for me to see and not have to be in the middle of them to see them all smiling. It feels like hope to me, like these kids are getting to be kids. Above all things, that is what we are looking for…that’s what we are trying to give.. its great showing up at the villages and the kids want to see you and feel your nasty leg hair, and weird hair on your head, and touch your tattoos, and call you “Samson”, its great to wrestle with them and kick the ball around…but what is even greater for me, is to know that when we leave the fun doesn’t stop…that these kids are still kids..they aren’t sitting around just waiting for the next bus of blancs to show up…


Sorry its been awhile since the last post..havent had internet when I have needed it…more to come you guys. Thanks



On the road…

Thursday was a day of travel…6:00am flight to dallas ft worth…to miami…to port au prince…no hiccups, no delays, no problem. We got to Haiti around three oclock and then had a few delays haha are bus driver was a bit late, which gave us some excellent opportunities to get to know each other a bit better, bond as a group, and learn how to say “no thanks” in creole to the very persistent “helpers” at the airport.

The team stayed at a hotel in port-au-prince, and i went back to the Inn/OTV/GOtel, and i was excited to get to MY room that I will get to live in and settle in while I am in Haiti…but the power wasn’t working as the generation ran out of diesel…so using my very handy and extremely dorky flash light that straps on my head, i got situated and packed for my trip up to Gonaive. After I got settled in my room Tate, Volcy, and I had a very special dinner by candle was white rice, with bean sauce, and a mystery meat, which actually after a day of travel was awesome! oh! and we had pineapple…now if you are ever in price chopper/hen house/ safeway whatever! and you see Haitian Pineapple you gotta grab some! haha it would probably be easier just to come on down to PAP and grab some here with me!

This morning we picked up the team and went up north to Gonaive, it was actually a pretty short trip! A few months ago it took 6+ hours to get here, 3 weeks ago it took 4.5 hours and it only took us 4 today! we could of done it in 3.5 but we got a flat tire just outside of st. marc and beartron and I got to fix the bus…believe it or not it is the exact same has fixing a tire in the states…weird…we did it so well and so fast i have a feeling it might be on sportcenters top plays in the morning, apparently jeff gordon’s pit crew is in need of a few new guys and they will be calling us shortly…

today we went to Bienac one of our 3, this might be my favorite village in Gonaive, it was great to see this kids again..most of them remeberered me and were extremely excited to see me and get play with me again today, it really made me feel awesome…there is nothing better than being loved by one of these kids…its so pure and honest, they are so excited just to have you smile at them, sing with them, dance with them, whatever we are doing!! if you are doing it too, they will love you like you wouldn’t believe!!

we are just sitting down for dinner, tonight is chicken and goat!! yummm, the team is really bonding well and its only going to get better!!

it’d be great to hear from you guys! emails/comments/or facebook!

Thanks for reading!!